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What is Phishing?

Phishing is the act of sending an e-mail to a user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate entity. Phishers attempt to fraudulently acquire sensitive data by masquerading as a trustworthymessengers in an electronic communication, asking you to validate your personal data. The e-mail provides a direct link to a web siteresembling the actual site of the spoofed organization. This page is bogus and set up to steal your user name and password.After the entry is complete, you are usually forwarded to the original site. Your private information is stored in the fake website.

How to defend yourself against Phishing?

1. After the www.epay.bg load is done, in the browser address bar is displayed a green padlock: . Click on the padlock to receive information aboutthe security certificate that must be issued to www.epay.bg

2. ePay.bg WILL NEVER send you an e-mail with a link, leading you to a page where you are asked to update your user name and password. If you receive such an e-mail, it is a clue that this is an attempt for Phishing

3. The free e-Certificate for access to ePay.bg and the "Temporary SMS code" service proffer a higher protection level against theft as extra element when logging to the system and processinga payment

4. Sign in with your user name and password only at web pages that have the following IP address: https://www.epay.bg

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer

5. If you think that a certain e-mail might be a Phishing scam and you need additional information or have any other questions, you could send as a message at: support@epay.bg

Additional fraud prevention elements

The system AT NO TIME would ask you to enter the PIN code of your card.

If you have registered your card from an ATM, you would NEVER be asked to enter the number of your bank card .

Agreements, regulating the general terms and conditions for online bill payments, have been concluded between ePay.bg and all of the banks, issuing debit cards and enlisted into the system.

The access to ePay.bg is not open and users could sign in only with their user names and passwords /and optionally with a digital certificate/, since all idustrial standards for cryptography and safety are strictly observed.

Every bit of the information you exchange with ePay.bg is encrypted and carried out by SSL protocol, and all of the web pages are accessible only through https://www.epay.bg

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