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  • This customer service is provided by Easypay - licensed operator of postal cash transfers .
  • With a postal order you can transfer money from your Microaccount or from your bank card and withdraw them in cash at an Easypay teller’s desk.
  • Immediately after you confirm the transfer, the amount can be received at any teller's desk of Easypay. The maximum single-time withdrawal and transfer amount in cash is 5000 BGN.
  • It is important to give the correct data about the receiver – name, Personal ID number/Personal ID card, since at the teller’s desk the identity of the recipient would be authenticated with his/hers identification papers. If the data from the document presented before our employee and the information furnished by you do not match, the money could not be withdrawn.
Where is the closest to you office of Easypay?
What is the tariff for transferring money with a postal order?
from a Microaccount
from a debit card
from a credit card
  • You send money online but receive them in cash.
  • Right away from your bank card or Microaccount in ePay.bg®, without even leaving your home or office.
  • The recipient could withdraw the money immediately and in any office of Easypay in the country.

If you are a registered customer, here you can order a posta.


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