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EPAY JSC is operator of the system for electronic payments ePay.bg®. The company is created in the year 2000 and is part of "Datamax System Holding" Ltd that has a perennial experience in the production of bank software and the making of payment systems.

For contacts

Central office:

  16 Ivan Vazov str., fl.5 
  Sofia 1000
  UIC: 131409398
  Company CEO: George Marinov
  e-mail:  office@epay.bg
  tel: (+359 2) 921 08 50
  fax: (+359 2) 987 91 31 

If you have problems and recommendations in connection with:

  1. The registration in ePay.bg
  2. The payment of accounts to registered traders
  3. Certificate for access to the system
  4. Passsing to another user level
  5. Forgotten password or user name
  6. Other problems connected with the payments through ePay.bg

Please contact us at:

 e-mail:  office@epay.bg 
 telephone: (+359 2) 921 08 80
 fax:    (+359 2) 987 91 31

Trade department:

If you want to receive payments through ePay.bg, please contact us at:

 e-mail:  merchant@epay.bg 
 telephone: (+359 2) 921 08 50
 fax:    (+359 2) 987 91 31

Subject of activity

The company is specialized in the making of payment systems, electronic trade and security of the information transmission through Internet. The company makes processing of payments with bank cards and of bank transactions in open webs. The main activity of the company is connected with operating with the payment systems ePay.bg®, ePayVoice® (payment by telephone), B-pay (payment at ATM).

In October 1999 started the bulgarian system for electronic payments ePay.bg, when the first payment with a debit bank card in bulgarian internet shop was made. From its starting, the system gains huge popularity and confidence amongst its final users, as a result of our efforts to respond to the highest degree to the needs of the customers and offer payment services based on the latest information technologies.
ATM payments
As an extension of our strive to develop alternative channels for granting payment services, in the year 2000 together with the card operator BORICA was realized the possibility of payment with bank cards and at ATM, first only to communal companies, and later to each trade organization, included in the system B-pay.
In 2001 started the system ePayVoice which provides an alternative way of payment telephone services with bank cards. All payments are done by bank transfer and are ensured by the bank of the customer, the bank of the trader and the national card operator BORICA. The technical connection between ePayVoice, the authorization system of BORICA and the trader is ensured by EPAY JSC. For each payment without exception is done online authorization in BORICA for the card validity and sufficient available funds for making the payment.
Electronic utility bills
Since 2004 together with the banks, included in ePay.bg, we offer automatic payment of utility bills with bank cards. The using of the system requires a preliminary registration of the user in the bank-issuer of the card. The service is equivalent to "the current account", but offers additional options for notification through SMS or e-mail for each new bill, each payment and so on.
Systems for SMS notification
The system for SMS notification is created with the purpose to grant the possibility to the customers, possessing bank cards, to receive in a convenient and accessible way information about the bank payments made by them, their accessible limits and available funds on the cards, timely notification for received payables from traders, offering periodical payments (electricity, central heating, GSM and so on) and series of other financial and bank services, the information for which can be transmitted by SMS.

Almost all bulgarian banks, as well as the financial and state institutions are our partners in the payment systems.

Between the general advantages of the services, offered by the system, are:

  • Security and confidentiality of the transmitted electronic messages, according to the most rigid world standards.
  • Exceptionally low price of the offered services, due to the fact the systems are developed by Datamax System Holding and in the cost of the services are not included the investments for purchase of rights, software and others from other producers.
  • Offering of services at the highest world technological level, including as a level for protection and security.

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