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Everyone could win with ePay.bg,
no matter whether it is a corporation or a retail customer.


In order to accept payments through ePay.bg, you must choose on of the following options:


Option I:     Free of charge on your Microaccount with ePay form.
Completely free of charge.
No special technical knowledge needed on your part.
It is not a prerequisite to have online store or even a WEB page.
After each payment in your favor you receive an e-mail notification.
Only a registration in ePay.bg is required


Option II:     Integrated online system for repayments.
Automatic feedback about the status of each processed order.
You are on the list of ePay.bg merchants
Payment form branded with the company trade name.
Integration of a payment system in your online store.
Accepted are payments via VISA and MasterCard.


Option III:   For large-scale payments.
Merchant with monthly subscription - internet suppliers, cable and mobile operators and all community entities (Water supply companies, Electricity companies, Natural gas distribution companies, Central City Heating companies, etc.).
For more information on prices and technical connection call: 02/9210850 int.535 or int.536 or mail us at: merchant@epay.bg



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