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Dear Customers,
Welcome to ePay.bg® - the Bulgarian system for electronic payments!

Everyone can benefit from ePay.bg and the comfort of transferring and receiving money over the Internet.
Notwithstanding whether you have a bank card or you will use a Microaccount, you can register right away and you will have access to all of our services. ePay.bg® is the trustworthy, simple, convenient and most cost effective way to pay your bills:

  • online
  • over the phone
  • on a cash mashine
  • in cash at an Easypay office

All You need to do is REGISTER TODAY to have access to our services.


Why to pay Your bills through ePay.bg:

  • You are working all day
  • It is impossible for you to keep track of all the deadlines for clearing the utility bills
  • You don't have the time to queue up and wait at teller's desks and cash registers to foot your bills
  • You want to shop freely over the Internet
  • You would like to access a wide range of financial services from the comfort of your PC

Why topay Your bills through ePay.bg:

All You need to do is REGISTER TODAY to have access to our services.


To use our services you need a registered in ePay.bg® bank card or Microaccount.

  • Toregister your bank card for payments, you need either a single-time card confirmation at an ATM or a bank statement from your card account.
  • To make payments with your Microaccount it is necessary first to deposit funds on it. This can be done in one the following ways:
    • From your bank card, registered in ePay.bg
    • At an ATM - with a debit or credit card. After the transaction is confirmed, the microaccount will be automatically credited with the respective amount.
    • Bank transfer. This method is accessible only for users with level - "registered customer" because they have the IBAN number of their micro account.
    • Paying in cash in office of Easypay.
    • By another customer of ePay.bg, after he/she specifies the e-mail or GSM number with which you are registered in the system.
  • In ePay.bg you can pay to any of the following merchants, as well as to transfer cash to any of the tens of thousands of other ePay.bg customers


The system willNEVER askyouto the enter the PIN code of your card in Internet.

The bank card number should NEVER be entered in Internet, if you have registered your card at an ATM.

ePay.bg has concluded individual contracts with all the enlisted banks- issuers of debit cards in order to regulate the use of cards for payment over the Internet.

We use a multi-layered authentication process when you log in ePay.bg® that allows us to identify you through the use of an access ID and password, as well as with a digital certificate (signature),by abiding absolutely all industrial standards for cryptography and security.

The entire information you exchange with ePay.bg® is encrypted and processed with SSL protocol and every web page in the system is accessible only through https://www.epay.bg

The Microaccounts are commanded together with company Easypay, which possesses the licence for making postal cash transfers and whose activity is controled by the Communication Regulation Commission.


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