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through ePay form I through online connection

Integrated online payment system.

  • Automatic back call for the status of every placed order.
  • You are on the ePay list of merchants.
  • Payment form branded with the logo and trade name of the company.
  • Integration of the payment system in your e-shop.
  • Accept payments with VISA and MasterCard from customers not registered in ePay.bg.
  • Customers could pay in your favour with debit and international credit cards, at an ATM, with a bank transfer, in cash at an Easypay teller's desk and from another Microaccount.
Appropriate for
All merchants dealing in the electronic commerce, production, travel agents, airline companies, industrial enterprises, craftsmen, freelance workers, consulting rooms, online consultations, artists and all other kind of services.
Progress of the cash flow:

Possibility of accepting payments on a Microaccount and POS* terminal in a bank.
* All merchants with a Virtual POS Treminal must have activated Microaccount, from which once a month will be deducted the sums payable on the invoices.


Select one of the two options:

On a Microaccount

You accept payments with VISA and MasterCard from customers registered in ePay.bg
Smooth, quick, easy and without formalities activation of a Microaccount.
The movements on the Microaccount and the checking of the balance are in real time.
Bank agreement is not necessary, only a contract with ePay.bg.

At POS Terminal

You accept payments with VISA and MasterCard from customers NOT registered in ePay.bg
You provide a direct connection with your bank for payment-processing services.
The payments on your account will be effected on the following business day.
To accept debit and credit card payments, you need an agreement signed on with the bank offering virtual POS Terminals.
Tariff to the Microaccount*   Tariff to the bank virtual POS Terminal*
1 % for every transaction
When a credit card is used, the payer owes an additional fee and it is up to you to decide whether it will be paid up by your customers or by you:
- From Maestro – 0.035% of the amount, but not less than 0.01 BGN
- From Visa Electron/ V PAY card, issued by a Bulgarian bank - 0.65% of the amount
- From Visa/MasterCard, American Express and Euroline American Express, issued by a Bulgarian bank - 0.95% of the amount
- From Visa/Visa Electron/MasterCard, issued by a foreign bank, non-banking institution or serviced by foreign authorization center – 2.9% of the amount
The amounts will be deposited on the Microaccount of the recipient in ePay.bg
  * VAT is not included.
Monthly fee – 20.00 BGN + 2 % for every transaction (at least 0.30 BGN)or
Monthly fee – 50.00 BGN + 1 % for every transaction (at least 0.20 BGN)
The tariff for receiving payments via virtual POS terminal covers also the fee for notifying you of every single payment through the automatic link built up with your information system.


 * VAT is not included
Required documents
You need a Court certificate of the actual status of the company and a copy of the BULSTAT registration of the legal entity.
You register online from here: https://www.epay.bg/reg/en/ New registration
Bilateral contract is concluded between the Merchant and the Operator (ePay.bg), you can download the contract from here .
The filled in contract you can send either by express mail, or via e-mail undersigned with Universal electronic signature..
Technical connection
The connection with ePay.bg is carried out on the base of a demo package, forwarding the customer to https://www.epay.bg
The technical connection can be tested at this address: https://demo.epay.bg/en/ and the demo package can be downloaded.
Online registration as a legal entity is required and a filed Merchant request. You can learn how to do this from here.
The request is filed and confirmed only after all technical and administrative procedures are performed.



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