Why is it required to have a code for verification of the name and address of the orderers of money transfers ?

Identification of the orderers of money transfers is performed in accordance with the applicable Bulgarian legislation with regards to money transfers as well as the EU Directives for FAIF (Financial Action Task Force).

The internal rules for identification, control and preventive measures against money-laundering and terrorist financing have been developed pursuant to the Law on measures against money laundering and have been endorsed by Order Z-472/26.03.2010 of the State Agency for National Security.

What can I do whit my ID code?

- You can send money directly from your credit card to any customer.

- If you are a foreign customer registered in, you could use the code to promote your user level in the system and move to next. For that purpose the email address, where we would sent the first part of the code, has to match the email address from the customers registration.

How to receive an ID code?

The system will send you an alpha-numeric code with length of 10 symbols, by means of which you will identify youself when ordering a transfer.

The system will send you an alpha-numeric Identification Code in the following way:
1. The first part of the code /5 symbols/ - via e-mail to your e-mail address;
2. The second part of the code /5 symbols/ - by a letter to your postal address via express registered mail.

Usually you will receive the letter with second part of the code in about 5-10 business days. When you make a transfer you must enter both parts of the code.

The identification code is valid ONE year. During this period you can request plenty of transactions to a Microaccount with the same code, so keep it carefully. (You WILL NOT receive a separate letter for each transaction).

Postal expenses for the letter:
If your address is in Bulgaria - 5 BGN (about 2.5 EUR),
If your address is NOT in Bulgaria - 20 BGN (about 10 EUR)