From here you can send money to anyone who is a registered customer in, or upload funds to your Microaccount in All you have to do is enter the receiver`s e-mail address and the desired amount would be transmitted to his/hers Microaccount.

To use this service, at least one of the parties (either the ordering customer and/or the recipient) must be identified.

The ordering customer identifies himself by entering his ID code. How can I receive an ID code?

The recipient is identified through his/hers user level in the system; transition to a higher level is permitted.

The following transaction limits are set:  
  Ordering customer without ID code Ordering customer with ID code
Recipient with user level 1 new customer Transaction is denied Receiving limits:
Daily 200 BGN,
Weekly * 300 BGN,
Monthly * 300 BGN
Recipient with user level 2 identified customer Transaction is denied Receiving limits:
Daily 300 BGN,
Weekly * 500 BGN,
Monthly * 500 BGN
Recipient with user level 3 registered customer 300 BGN monthly limit No limits/td>

*Weekly limit from Monday to Monday, monthly from the 1st day of the month to the 1st day of the next month.

he security of payment with your card is provided by the system Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure Code - an officially acknowledged technology for secure on-line payments of VISA and MasterCard,which guarantees that your card information is protected.

The whole information that you exchange with is encrypted with industry standard SSL protocol. is a certified VISA and MasterCard service provider (Level 1 Service Provider).


How much does it cost? - 2.9% of the amount

Amount Fee
100.00 BGN 2.90 BGN
500.00 BGN 14.50 BGN