About us

The Bulgarian system for electronic payments ePay.bg was launched In October 1999. The first payment with a debit bank card in a Bulgarian was made on November 19, 1999.

Using ePay.bg customers can make payments for goods and services with bank cards and Microaccounts and also receive online payments through their Microaccount.

The system’s operator is the company “Epay” AD. The main function of the organization is to process payments with bank card and bank transactions in open networks, electronic commerce and the security of the information that is transmitted through the internet.
The company is the operator of payment systems with bank cards at an ATM (B-pay), payment via SMS (ePayGSM), automatic payment of utility bills and SMS notification for bank card transactions.

“EPay” AD is a certified payment service provider (Level 1 Service Provider) in accordance with the rules of international card organizations. Since 2007 ePay.bg has the highest security certification from VISA and MasterCard.

Since its launch the system is continuing to gain popularity and trust among users as a result of our efforts to maximally meet our clients’ needs and to offer online services, based on the latest information technologies. Our services are used by almost every bank in the country, as well as by financial and government institutions.