About us

The Bulgarian electronic payment system ePay.bg was launched in October 1999. On 19th of November was made the first payment with debit card in a Bulgarian online shop. Since its launch the system is getting more and more popular and is gaining increasing trust among the users as a result of our efforts to meet in maximum extend our customers’ needs and to offer online services based on the latest technologies.

Through ePay.bg, using their bank cards or Microaccounts, customers can make payments of goods and services to registered merchants and make transfers to other persons.

Operator of the system is EPay AD. The company is registered in Republic of Bulgaria with seat and address of management Sofia 1000, 16 “Ivan Vazov” Str., registered in the Commercial register under UIC 131409398. The main activity of EPay AD is providing bank card processing services and banking transactions in open networks and security of Internet-transmitted information.

EPay AD is a certified service provider (Level 1 Service Provider) in accordance with the international standard PCI DSS for information security for card transactions.

The company is operator of the system for payments with bank cards at ATMs (B-pay) and the system for automatic payments of periodical (utility) bills and SMS notifications for bank card transactions, used by the cardholders of the bank-partners of the company.

EPay AD is a registered representative of the payment institution “Easypay” AD for providing payment services related to conducting payment operations with bank cards, credit payments and depositing and withdrawing money from accounts serviced by Easypay AD.