Everyone can
receive money
through ePay.bg

How to receive payments?

With debit and credit cards, at ATMs or in cash, at EasyPay office.

Everyone can receive money through ePay.bg.

Payments through a website

  • You have an online store and you’re selling various products and services. Take advantage of our integrate solution for receiving payments with credit and debit cards through the Internet, ATM or cash.
    Learn more about payment in online stores.
  • If you collect donations, have a blog or offer services on your website and require payment, then the easiest to get money is to add an ePay button on your website. You can create the payment button yourself. No specialist technical knowledge is required. See here for instructions on how to use the ePay payment button free of charge.
  • PayFly – Sending invoices and requests for payment
    You don’t need to have an online store, or even a web page in order to receive online payments. With the PayFly service you can request money from anyone and easily track all of the received payments. You can also generate and send an invoice or other documents free of charge.
    Learn more about PayFly.
  • Billing – Recurring Payments
    If you are an Internet Service Provider, Cable Operator, Utility Organization or you have a billing system, you can receive regular payments from your clients through bank cards and in cash.
  • You do not need to have a web site, all you need is to provide to ePay.bg information about the bills of your clients.
  • For more information please contact the Commercial Department of ePay.bg