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  • Micro account in ePay.bg® – to pay as well as to receive.
  • ePay.bg® gives the possibility to people who do not dispose of a bank card to take advantage of the electronic payments conveniences. This is possible with the new completely Internet based tender - Micro account.
  • With the Micro account the customers of ePay.bg® can pay accounts and send cash as well as receive cash. Now ePay.bg® is accessible to the highest degree to all people that do not have bank cards yet but use Internet actively.

Cash receiving on Micro account:

  • It is necessary to confirm on-line that you accept "The standard terms for using a Micro account” of ePay.bg® - it is not necessary to sign a special contract.
  • Immediately after your registration, every user of ePay.bg® can transfer amounts to your micro account in a way convenient for him – from micro account, with debit or credit card, from ATM, by the telephone, SMS or in cash from cashier of Easypay.
  • After the confirmation of your registration, you receive for free an IBAN on the micro account, that gives the possibility to receive directly bank transfers.
  • All the operations are done on-line and the funds on the micro account can be used immediately after their receiving.
  • You can draw the received funds in cash or order them on a card or bank account.
  • You can use a ready HTML form, which you can put on your Internet page with several clicks of the mouse and even send by e-mail. ePay.bg® offers a generator for such forms.
  • You receive every moment on-line a report on all the movements and the remainder on the micro account.
  • You can order transfers on other micro accounts for free.
  • For the bank transfers that you order and for amounts drawdown in cash from the Micro account are applied the standard tariff and limits.

If you do not have a bank card but you want to pay accounts, goods and services, as well as:

  • Do your shopping in Internet or electronic shops.
  • Buy MP3, games and movies.
  • Recharge your GSM voucher.
  • Pay electricity, central heating, telephone, water...
  • Send transfers and cash to your friends or relatives.


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