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  • The automatic payment of utility bills is one of the most broadly used services offered by ePay.bg

  • ePay.bg supports a built-in automatic connection with:
  • The three electricity distribution companies(EDCs) for the WHOLE country - discharging financial obligations for used up electricity.

  • All mobile operators - discharging financial obligations, activation of prepaid services and vouchers.

  • VIVACOM and all the other new phone operators - discharging financial obligations.

  • District heating companies /DHCs/ and Water supply and Sewerage companies /W&SCs/ in the biggest cities - discharging financial obligations.

  • Various cable operators and Internet suppliers - payment of monthly bills for utilized services.

If you are an ePay.bg client, from here you could register your unsettled bills.

  • Every month several thousand customers of ePay.bg pay up their bills for electricity, water, central heating, landline telephone, mobile phone, cable TV, etc.
  • Every month, on the day the public company calculates your new bills, you will receive e-mail notification from ePay.bg about the due sum.
  • You could pay unlimited number of bills and to all of the public companies, as well as to designate with an own name each one of the bills and give yourself a hint. For example: “Electricity country house”, “Water home”, “GSM Ivan” etc.
  • You could see all pending bills right away from the home page, after logging in ePay.bg. You could pay up several bills simultaneously or select just one.
  • The public companies automatically file every payment and don't require a document for proving the payment. After a particular bill is settled, you are not obligated to give a proof to someone that the payment is actually performed. All data is automatically recorded into the company's information system.

  • ePay.bg provides an up-to-date statistics of the payments in every half an hour, you could review it from this web address: https://www.epay.bg/en/?action=wikibox&wpage=stats
  • The official statistics from the National card operator BORIKA for 2006 indicates that the payments through ePay.bg are more than one fifth from all payments done from PPS terminals, and when the payments through ATMs and phones are added up - the proportion gets 33% or EVERY THIRD CARD PAYMENT IN THE COUNTRY is accomplished through the system supported by ePay.bg




  • You pay your bills for electricity, water, centarl heating, landline phone, mobile phone, cable TV, etc. in real, without going out of your home or office.
  • ePay.bg supports a separate built-in automatic connection with each one of the companies.
  • The copmpanies automatically record every payment and do not require a document for verification.
  • Every month you receive an e-mail notification about the new bills.


If you are a client of ePay.bg, you could register your unsettled utility bills from here.

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