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  • How to profit from the notifications in ePay.bg


Absolutely cryptic and confidential:
The notifications are posted from you to the addressee on a cryptic SSL channel, in conformity with absolutely all industrial stadards for cryptography and safety. This is the same channel used for the posting of your payment orders.
In this way no one responsible for the information transfer - system administrators from your office or local network - has access to the content of the notification.
Keep in mind that all other ways for Internet communication, you are accustomed to - e-mail, chat, forums, sites for making new acquaintances, etc. do not cipher the information sent by you and it is absolutely accessible for everyone, who has access to the information track from you to the addressee of the notification. Usually people exchange messages from the PCs in their offices and in this way the company system administrator could review the entire content of your correspondence - e-mail, chat, forums, etc.
That is why using the ePay.bg notifications is guarantee for full confidentiality and safety of your personal information.


The quickest and easiest way to connect with your contractors and customers:
ePay.bg offers a convinient connection to all of your financial transactions - profits or losses, through which you could easily send a notification to the orderer or the beneficiary of the payment.
In this way easily and swiftly you could settle with your customers the terms for the delivery of the goods and services you offer, as well as to reply to the questions asked by your clients.
The system is fitted up with a simple and handy address book, that facilitates the communication with your correspondents.
If requested by you, the system could also inform you by e-mail for the new messages received.


  • Send a notification to all of your acquaintances or contractors through ePay.bg
  • The notifications are cryptic and absolutely confidential.
  • Take advantage of the time-saving connection for sending notifications right through ePay.bg

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