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  • The first condition to take advantage of the service, is to have a registered "MICROACCOUNT" or a debit card in ePay.bg
Initial registration into the system of the National Revenue Agency /NRA/.
In order to pay up your taxes and social security contributions through Internet, you need an additional registration into the site of the income administration. To complete the registration you have to fill out the online registration form for new users.
During the initial registartion into the NIA system, is entered information about the taxpayer type (physical or juridical person), the complete company name of the legal entity or the full name of the physical person, PIN (only for physical persons), PIC (only for juridical persons and sole merchants), user name and password, valid e–mail address è CIN (Client Identification Number from the ePay.bg system).
How to pay up taxes through the site of the income administration?
Visit the NRA web site for online tax and insurance payment.
After you confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions for use, you must select type of the liability you desire to pay. You confirm your request and select from the list one or several taxes / insurances and enter the number of the payment documents for each one of them. This is a mandatory step because for every type of tax, fee, interest, insurance installment etc. à separate payment document is filled in.
For example: In order to pay your General Income Tax.
Enter the user name and password with whichyou are registered into the site of the National Revenue Agency.
Select "New payment" and read through the Terms for using the service.
Select "Debit card payment order".
Select "State budget".
Select the tax from the list and enter the number of the payment documents.
On the next step, it will be necessary for every tax or social security contribution you desire to pay, to select a territorial department (TD) of the NRA on which account the money will be transferred.
On the next step are displayed the payment orders, almost entirely filled in automatically with the relevant information. Follow the instructions for completion.
In order the settlement of the filled in payment orders to be effected, the system automatically forwards you to ePay.bg, where you must log in with your user name and password and confirm the payment requests. This is the last stage of the online payment of your taxable or social security liabilities.
You will receive Email notification about the finished payments. Save that message.
It is good to know that the payment is considered completed on the day the transfer is received on the account of the office or the TD of the NRA. This is the day when the amount of money, sent by you, comes into the account of the income administration.
The sums ordered by you will be transfered on the accounts of the NRA at the latest 3 working days after the date on which ePay.bg verifies that the payment was actually performed. Do not wait for the deadline to come - it is possible your money to be forwarded after the final date.


  • The NRA system for online payment of the income taxes and social security contributions.
  • You pay online through ePay.bg with your debit card or Microaccount.
  • Absolutely all type of payments to the state budget supported by the NRA system.

The local taxes and fees you could pay online from here.
The NRA system for online payment of taxes and insurances.


From the beginning of 2006 responsible for levying the local taxes and fees (the real estate tax, the waste charge, the tax on vehicles, the tax on onerously acquired property, etc.) are the municipalities. Therefore, from the module „Pay your Income Taxes and National Insurance online” was removed the option for payiment of local taxes and fees (LTF). Òhe LTF shall be paid in cash in the pay-desks of the municipal administration or through a bank to the respective account.

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