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  • Easypay is a licensed operator of postal cash transfers.
  • You or anyone else can pay-in cash on your Microaccount at any teller's desk of Easypay.

If you want to WITHDRAW cash from your Microaccount:

With the service "Postal money order" you can transfer money from your Microaccount and withdraw them at an Easypay teller's desk.
Lofin with your user name and password in ePay.bg®
Select from the menu "Transfers" and then "Postal money order to EasyPay”.

Immediately after you confirm the transfer, the amount can be received at any teller's desk of Easypay. The maximum amount that you can transfer and draw in cash at a single time is 5000 BGN

If you want to DEPOSIT cash on your Microaccount:

Visit the closest to you office of Easypay where you can order "Deposit cash on a Microaccount of a customer in ePay.bg"
Our employee will ask you to provide information for one of the following:
Personal ID number of the recipient or
CIN (Customer Identification Number) of the recipient or
e-mail of the recipient;
    • You pay-in and withdraw cash in all offices of Easypay in the country.
    • The cash on your Microaccount is always accessible.
    • You could use the convenient online payments even if you do not have a bank card.

If you are a registered customer, here you can order cash drawdown.

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