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  • In order to add a bank card in your customer profile, login to ePay.bg and from menu "Payment instruments" select "Bank card registration" and then "Registration with confirmation through bank statement".
  • The only information you are required to enter is a short name of the card, with which you will distinguish it from the other cards registered into the system. You do not have to enter data such as card number and expiry date.
  • After you select a card name, you will receive a digit code with instructions how to activate the registration at an ATM. This code is valid for 48 hours.
  • From the ATM menu select:
    "Other services"
    then select:
    In the field "Merchant code" enter:
    In the field "Personal code" enter:
    10-digit activation code, received from ePay.bg
    To finish the operation, confirm the payment of the service cost of 1.00 BGN. The card will not be activated until the fee payment is verified.
    After the registration is successfully activated, in the list of existing payment instruments in your customer profile the information about your card will be added automatically:


    • You don't enter your credit card number over the Internet!
    • At your convenient time and palce.
    • Absolutely secure

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