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  • The certificates for universal electronic signature can be used as means of personal and company electronic identification, electronic trade, financial transactions, electronic correspondence, electronic documents signing at the making of statements from and to public authorities and bodies of the local self-government in the sense of The law of the electronic document and the electronic signature.
  • The certificates are also applicable in business relations for signing of contracts, offers, orders and invoices. InfoNotary PLC grants a simplified procedure for issuing and administration of certificates at the territory of the country, in more than 100 settlements and in more than 160 registration offices.

1. Where can you receive it:

The customers of ePay.bg® can receive an universal electronic signature from the following providers of certificate services registered by the Law of the electronic document and the electronic signature from the Communications Regulation Commission: “InfoNotary” PLC, “Bankservice” PLC, “Information services” PLC, “Spectar” PLC.

2. How can you register the universal certificate in ePay.bg®?

From the form of certificates registration in ePay.bg®:

enter user name and password and from the next screen select a personal certificate that you want to register:



3. What additional services you use after the registration of universal certificate?

  • You become a registered customer "level 3" of ePay.bg®.
  • The limits and additional fees for transactions drop out.
  • You can use all the services, offered by the banks in ePay.bg®.
    • You sign all the bank documents on-line.
    • Convenient and easy way to prove your identity.
    • You submit requests for micro credits.
    • You submit requests for credit cards.
    • You make transfers in currency.


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