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through an ePay form I through an onine system

Free of charge on your Microaccount with the ePay form.



  • You are not binded with a contract with EPAY JSC and owe no fees to the system.
  • Every registered user could transfer money on your Microaccount.
  • The customers could pay in your favour with debit and international credit cards, at an ATM, with a bank transfer, in cash at an Easypay teller's desk and from another Microaccount.
  • If you visit an office of Easypay and register for "user level 3" or use Universal electronic signture from Infonotary, there is no upper limit for the electronic funds transfers in your favour .
  • After every successful payment you receive an e-mail confirmation.
  • All you need to do is register in ePay.bg
  • THE CUSTOMER pays you up through a simple"ePay form" from your site, that forwards him to ePay.bg for confirmation of the payment and then automatically transmits him back to your web page.
  • If you do not have a web page created or an e-shop, THE CLIENT has to know only your customer number or e-mail address, with which you are registered in ePay.bg and order the transfer in your favour.
Appropriate for   Price
private individuals
free-lancers (musicians, artists etc.)
foundations and other non-profit organizations
Absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.
The money received are deposited on your Microaccount .
Required documets   Technological connection
There are no documents required. You can register online from https://www.epay.bg/reg/en/ New registration
  The connection with ePay.bg is carried out on the base of a generated button that forwards the customer to https://www.epay.bg/. This button is generated from the menu Services in the profile created beforehand.



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