Microaccount is a payment tool, which is opened and maintained by Easypay, through the ePay.bg website. You can use microaccounts both for initiating and receiving payments.


Membership Levels and Limits for Microaccount operations

Membership level   Limits for transactions with Microaccounts
    Receiving money via Microaccount   Sending and withdrawing money from Microaccount
User level I
Has a Microaccount
  Daily – 200 BGN
Weekly* - 300 BGN
Monthly * - 300 BGN
  Daily – 200 BGN
Weekly* - 300 BGN
Monthly * - 300 BGN
User level II
Has a Microaccount and a registered bank card, which has been used to pay at least 5 utility bills through ePay.bg
  Daily – 300 BGN
Weekly* - 500 BGN
Monthly * - 500 BGN
  Daily – 200 BGN
Weekly* - 300 BGN
Monthly * - 300 BGN
User level III
Has a Microaccount and an IBAN for it.
Identification in an Easypay AD office or through electronic signature.
  No limits   No limits

*Weekly limit – from Monday to Monday, monthly limit – from the 1st day of the month to the 1st day of the next month.


User level I

Available services at ePay.bg:

  • Pay utility bills, taxes and fees;
  • Transfer money to other individuals;
  • Receive funds in your Microaccount;
  • Shop at companies, included in ePay.bg
  • Transfers to a bank account;
  • TopUp Microaccount with a bank card, at an ATM, from ePay.bg or in cash at an Easypay pay-desk.

User Level II

Available services at ePay.bg:

All services, available to level 1 users.

What are the advantages compared to level 1?

  • Higher limits for sending and receiving money through Microaccounts;
  • Lower fees for making bank transfers through Microaccounts

How can I become a user level II?

You must register a bank card with which you must pay at least 5 utility bills through the system.

User Level III

Available services at ePay.bg:

Use all services offered by ePay.bg without limitations.

What are the benefits of level III?

  • You receive an IBAN for your Microaccount. You can TopUp your Microaccount through a bank transfer, by specifying the Microaccount’s IBAN.
  • No limits for using your Microaccount.
  • The lowest fees for making bank transfers with your Microaccount.

How can I become a user level III?

Register a personal access certificate to your account in ePay.bg issued by one of the following organizations : “Infonotary” EAD, “BORICA – BANKSERVIZ” AD, Information Services AD, Spectrum AD or

Visit an EasyPay office or the office of one of Easypay’s AD bank-partners (CCB and FIB), to identify yourselves by presenting one of the following documents:

  • Valid identification document, a copy of which will be stored in “Easypay”AD, for legal entities;
  • Identity card of the company`s legal representative; a copy of it should be stored in EasyPay;
  • A certificate of the actual status of the company, issued by Bulgarian Registry Agency;
  • For entities registered in BULSTAT register, a copy of the BULSTAT registration is required.

* To be identified at EasyPay you will be charged with 1 BGN.