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PayFly – sending invoices

You don’t need to have an internet store or even a web page in order to receive online payments. Using PayFly you can send invoices to your clients and contracting parties, as well as easily track and manage all payments made thereon.

How to begin?

Create an account in

Become a III-rd level member.

The form with the “paymeny request” and the invoice is geneterated and sent from your account in


  • Generating and sending invoices free of charge. You are charged a fee only if you receive a money transfer.
  • You can send an e-mail or SMS to the beneficiary with instructions and a code for the payment.
  • The client personally chooses how to pay you – with a bank card over the Internet, through an ATM, through the mobile application, through bank transfer or by paying cash in Easypay.
  • Easily track incoming payments on invoices via your profile.
  • You can transfer your received amounts at any given moment to a bank account, withdraw them in cash or make payments with them through
  • You have the opportunity to use the service from your smart phone or tablet with the mobile application of